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Terminal has advanced technology in the manufacture of outdoor LCD digital signage, which can overcome 24 hours highlighting, and uses an aluminum frame, which is more corrosion-resistant. The use of industrial-grade OC and industrial-grade glass can extend the use of outdoor advertising machines. We have a self-developed operation and maintenance system to prevent danger on time and provide early warning.

Technical Support

1500-4000 Nits Outdoor Bright All-weather

Terminal brand products are bright all-weather outdoors, and can be selected from 1500Nits-4000Nits brightness, adapt to any outdoor environment, and be bright continuously.


Terminal digital display screen applies anti-reflective glass. It is a type of glass that can provide an ultra-smooth touch experience and enhance interactivity. The anti-reflection rate can reach 95%.


Terminal brand products have passed the IP65 test and even obtain the IP66 test report. No matter how bad the weather, terminal products can also defend.

Touch & Camera

Terminal brand products can be equipped with whether touch function is required. Choosing a touch function makes it more convenient for you. The camera function allows you to monitor the surrounding environment whenever or where ever you are.

4G&WIFI Module

Terminal brand products can be outfit with 4G modules, and WIFI modules are standard products. The 4G module is your faster Internet access.

Central Control System

Terminal brand products have their operation and maintenance system, which helps it more convenient and faster for you to maintain the digital signage.

Outdoor Protection

Terminal brand products all use more corrosion-resistant aluminum frames without fear of rusting in any outdoor environment, and the products are more beautiful.

Dynamic Backlight

How to control the backlight source according to the ambient light? The dynamic backlight technology is one method for adjusting LCD brightness. It is a kind of intelligent control. These controls enable the product to fully show its brightness and vividness when displayed in the store. Consumers will also be comfortable when watching at home, not easy to feel tired, and can save energy at the same time. Because in the process of dynamically adjusting the backlight, power consumptions go down if the backlight is always on. The light source is constant, and its power consumption is heavy.
On the view of a technical point, naked-eye 3D can contain four types: Barrier, Lenticular Lens, Directional Backlight, and Direct Imaging. The outstanding advantage of naked-eye 3D technology is to get rid of the shackles of glasses.
It is a domestic professional-powered enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It mainly produces high-end outdoor LCD advertising players.
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