How to maintain the LCD advertising machine?

With the development of society, LCD advertising digital signage has been widely used all over the world. There will always be some small problems that bother us in the process of using LCD advertising digital signage. Calling after-sales service is troublesome and wastes a lot of time. , A little problem can be solved by yourself in many cases.

In order to better protect your advertising machine and make your use more comfortable, today Terminal Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. summarizes the common problems of LCD advertising digital signage to share with you. What are the common problems? How do you solve these problems?

1.No screen display, the indicator on the front panel flashes

Check whether the microcomputer advertising display signal line is firmly connected, and connected to the socket pin. Check that the signal line is broken or bent.

2.There is no sound from the LCD advertising machine

To win the advertisement, open the back cover screws, open the back cover with the multimeter drive amplifier powered and normal, then check whether the speaker is connected to the normal line, if the advertising board drive amplifier is not normal, then replace the drive board, which will It is normal. If the speaker does not replace the speaker, the general advertisement, the cable coming out of the speaker is most likely to fall off. If it falls off, then use a soldering iron. If the speaker is noisy and the driven advertising board is damaged, please replace the driver board immediately. You can find more accessories and advertising machine manufacturers by express delivery.

3.Whether the LCD advertising machine can be managed continuously for a long time

There is no problem with the long-term operation of the LCD advertising player. In fact, compared with traditional cathode ray tube displays, liquid crystal displays have less heat, lower power consumption, and are more suitable for long-term operation. But from the perspective of maintenance, the LCD should still be given time to “breath”. After all, the LCD is a relatively delicate product, and the problem cannot be solved as easily as a crt display.

4.The screen turns black, showing “Signal out of sync” or “Out of range”

When the signal sent by the computer exceeds the display range of the display advertisement, the detection display signal stops working abnormally. The user can turn off the display of the advertisement; re-open and reset the output frequency of the microcomputer.

5.When the LCD was switched on and off, interference patterns appeared on the screen.

This situation is caused by the signal interference of the graphics card, which is a normal phenomenon. This problem can be solved automatically or manually adjust the phase.

6.The resolution of the display technically does not go

Most of the time it is a use problem. Check whether the driver of the graphics card and the display of the advertising player are installed, and then check whether the graphics card and the display can meet your requirements according to the instructions. If everything is normal, it is a fault and you can only contact the repair center to solve it.

7.How to clean the LCD screen

When cleaning the LCD screen, try not to use a damp cloth with too much moisture, so as to avoid moisture entering the screen and causing internal short circuit of the LCD and other faults; it is recommended to wipe the LCD screen with soft objects such as glasses cloth, lens paper, etc. Hurt the screen.

8.How to clean the equipment shell

Dip cotton with clean water, do not use any detergent, it will lose the special luster of the shell factory.

9.Can I disassemble the LCD advertising player casually

No, because even if we turn off the LCD for a long time and in the future, the CFL inverter in the internal backlighting system components may still pass through the high voltage with about 1000V. This kind of impact high voltage technology can directly cause serious business problems. Of personal safety injuries. So don’t disassemble the LCD yourself to avoid high voltage. And if you disassemble the LCD without permission from the dealer, you will lose the warranty.

Finally, as a non-professional person, regardless of any problems with the LCD advertising player, do not disassemble or repair the LCD advertising player by yourself to avoid high-voltage electric shock or other dangers. If necessary, you should ask a professional advertising player manufacturer to complete the maintenance. All overhaul work. Usually when you use the LCD advertising machine, you must maintain it well, and the LCD advertising machine can only be used for a long time if you maintain it! So everyone should take good care of it during use!

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