Why Use Anti-Reflective Glass For Outdoor Digital Signage

For the advertising machine, the window glass in front of the advertising machine panel is a very important part. It is not only related to the explosion-proof, but also related to the advertising display effect. Then, what kind of glass should the advertising machine use?

There are three types of advertising machine panel glass: ultra-white glass, AG glass, AR glass, and ultra-white glass.

AG glass is also called anti-glare glass, which is a kind of glass with special processing on the glass surface. Its characteristic is to change the reflective surface of the original glass into a matte non-reflective surface (the surface is uneven). The principle is to subject both sides or one side of high-quality glass sheets to special processing. Compared with ordinary glass, it has a lower reflectance, and the reflectance of light is reduced from 8% to less than 1%. The front view allows viewers to experience better sensory vision. Transmittance: more than 90%, reflectivity <1%, and the horizontal viewing angle is 160°, and the vertical viewing angle is 140°. Its biggest advantage is its good heat insulation effect.

AR glass, with high light transmittance, best reflectivity, brighter colors and stronger contrast, makes the image color contrast stronger, the screen clearer, and the high-hardness AR coating can effectively prevent sand and stone from scratching and resist water accumulation (drops falling on The glass surface falls naturally without affecting the vision), and it is easy to clean. The price is relatively higher.

Ultra-white glass has a normal light transmittance and high reflectivity. It will reflect light in an outdoor strong light environment, which will affect the viewing experience. The hardness is the same as ordinary glass. It will be scratched by sand (quartz hardness is 7.5H) when used outdoors all year round. Flower, anti-water accumulation screen will accumulate water droplets, the price is very cheap.

Anti-Reflective Glass

Anti-reflection glass is a kind of dipping coated glass made from the glass substrate. After the interlayer, the anti-reflection glass increases its safety performance. It uses the most advanced magnetron sputtering coating technology in the world to coat an anti-reflection film on the surface of ordinary strengthened glass, which effectively reduces the reflection of the glass itself and increases the transparency of the glass. The overrate makes the original color through the glass more vivid and real.

Anti-Reflective Glass Advantage

1.The colors are more colorful and the contrast is stronger

Make the image color contrast stronger and the scene clearer.

2.High temperature resistance

AR glass temperature resistance> 500 degrees (generally acrylic can only withstand temperature 80 degrees)

3.The surface flatness of AR glass is far better than that of coated acrylic, and the larger the size, the more obvious the difference.

4.The highest light transmittance

Effectively weaken the lack of whitening caused by strong light behind, and enjoy clearer image quality.

5.Keep your perspective

Generally, after the installation of acrylic, the viewing angle will become smaller; but after the AR glass is installed, the viewing angle will not become smaller.

6.Strong impact resistance

The impact performance of 3mm thick glass is equivalent to 6mm acrylic.

7.Can withstand various cleaning agents

The film is not damaged by wiping with acid and alkali-resistant cleaning agents.

8.Strong scratch resistance and abrasion resistance

The hardness of AR glass film is equivalent to that of glass, greater than 7H, (generally, the hardness of PC board is about 2H to 3H).

9.Anti-ultraviolet rays, effectively protect the eyes

The transmittance of the ultraviolet spectrum is greatly reduced, which can effectively prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes.

10.The cold and hot deformation of AR glass can almost be omitted, and it is suitable for all kinds of environments; at the same time, AR glass has a sense of glaze and a more beautiful appearance.

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