The Necessity Of Troubleshooting For Outdoor LCD Advertising Digital Signage In Harsh Environments

The vast majority of outdoor LCD advertising digital signage are unattended. Most outdoor advertising machines have been exposed to complex and harsh environments such as high temperature, cold, storm, heavy rain, snowstorm, or mixed traffic for a long time. Users are very Concerned, but the user does not know when the advertising machine fails. The outdoor advertising machine runs for a long time. Due to the life span of the parts or the damage caused by environmental influences, there may be various failures.

(1)Cooling system failure: Long-term operation of the cooling system (air cooling, air conditioning, heat exchange) may cause damage. The cooling system stops rotating or reduces the operation, which directly affects the heat dissipation of the outdoor LCD advertising digital signage, which will cause the advertising machine to be damaged or even damaged due to high temperature. burn;

(2) Filter clogged: The clogging of the filter of the cooling system will lead to poor heat dissipation, which will directly cause the internal temperature of the advertising machine to not escape, resulting in high temperature failure, and affecting the operation of the advertising machine;

(3) The heater fails. In cold areas, the heater fails to cause heating at low temperatures, and electronic components are easily damaged under extreme temperatures;

(4) Screen failure: Screen failure directly causes the current advertising player to not be able to play, and there is currently no effective sensor that can directly detect whether the screen is malfunctioning;

(5) Rainstorm flooding: Rainstorm weather may cause the advertising machine to be flooded, which will directly cause the advertising machine to be damaged, and even a leakage accident may occur;

(6) Smoke: The advertising machine is overheated, and smoke may appear due to damage to the components. Failure to deal with it in time may lead to unimaginable consequences;

(7) Collision and tilt: The outdoor advertising machine collides, falls to the ground, tilts, and cannot work normally;

(8) The access control is destroyed: the door of the outdoor LCD advertising machine is destroyed or opened. For the above failures, without effective monitoring and fault detection mechanisms, it is difficult for users to obtain the fault status in time. With the development of the outdoor advertising machine industry, an organization or enterprise has multiple outdoor LCD advertising digital signage equipment, and the technology of remote monitoring and automatic troubleshooting is very good. necessary.

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