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The terminal is the leader of outdoor LCD advertising digital signage in China. Our outdoor advertising solutions are used widely in Europe, America, and many other countries. The outdoor protection level reaches IP65/IP66, and the brightness is even as high as 4000Nits. We have also done municipal projects in many countries, and we also have an agent in Russia. Welcome to inquire about our outdoor LCDs.


Australia LCD Vertical Advertising Machine Project

Australian advertisers were moved by our sincere attitude, professional knowledge and high-quality products, and finally reached a cooperation with us
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Malaysia Subway Station Project Case

He replacement of traditional advertising light boxes with LCD displays in Malaysian subway stations has greatly increased the advertising revenue of subway stations and greatly improved the efficiency of subway station staff. Terminal will serve you wholeheartedly and can customize outdoor LCD displays.
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Australia LCD Vertical Advertising Machine Project

Australian advertisers were moved by our sincere attitude, professional knowledge and high-quality products, and finally reached a cooperation with us
  • Projects around the world
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  • Australia-lcd-vertical-advertising-machine-project

1. Aluminum structure:

According to the enclosure protection level GB4208-93 standard, the protection level of the integrated chassis and constant temperature system used in this equipment will reach
IP65 all outdoor equipment standards, and follow the following principles for design:
(1) The shell is made of 3.5~5mm aluminum alloy, and the shell is sprayed with fluorocarbon. The anti-rust level is high, and the protection period is as high as 15 years.
(2) The housing structure is designed with waterproof grooves and air inlets and outlets to meet the IP65 protection level.
(3) Dust-proof design: special medium and high-efficiency dust-proof filters are designed for air inlets and outlets to filter fine dust in the air and prevent mosquitoes from entering the machine.The inside of the device has a minimal disassembly and assembly design, which is convenient for customers to maintain regularly.
(4) The protective glass in front of the screen of the whole machine adopts 6mmAR anti-reflection glass, the light transmittance is above 98%, and it is clearly visible under strong light.
(5) The whole machine adopts the front and rear door opening method, which can facilitate the maintenance of the internal display screen, heat dissipation components and electronic parts.
(6) The whole machine adopts modular design, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.
(7) The bottom plate of the whole machine is designed with mounting holes, which can be fixed by blasting screws and pre-embedded

2. Display:

(1) Adopt high-brightness liquid crystal display, the brightness can reach 1500-2000cd/m2.
(2) High resolution, high contrast, high brightness, greatly improve the sense of layering of the picture, and can better express the details.
(3) It has the function of automatically eliminating residual image, anti-ultraviolet, heat insulation from sunlight, automatic light perception, green energy-saving protection for long-term use of LCD screens use.
(4) It has the function of black level extension and self-adaptation, which enhances the sense of depth of the image.
(5) The outdoor professional high-brightness LCD screen is used to make the video image more beautiful and the three-dimensional feeling is stronger.
(6) 16.7M colors, the picture is more natural, and the delicate picture is truly without tailing.
(7) Ultra-long life, 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work, up to 50,000 hours.

3. Electrical:

(1) Electrical protection: leakage, overload, over-voltage protection, lightning protection device, over-temperature protection, etc.
(2) Audio: dual-channel, stereo surround amplifier system, output power 8 ohm 10W.
(3) The working environment temperature design standard is +50°~ -20°.
(4) Adopting modular design principles, sustainable and maintainable design.
(5) Automatic light-sensing adjustment: The screen backlight adopts automatic ambient light sensing, and real-time adjustment of the screen brightness can meet the requirements of strong direct sunlight.
The clear image display makes the screen not dazzling at night, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

4. Heat dissipation:

(1) Adopt integrated intelligent direct ventilation and heat dissipation system, professional and special air duct heat dissipation design.
(2) The internal air and external air of the whole machine are circulated and exchanged. After the outside air is filtered by the dust filter, it is divided into two air circulations in the front of the screen and the back of the screen.Ring, to ensure that the internal temperature is 8-10 degrees difference from the external temperature.
(3) Independent research and development of the fan speed control board, which can automatically adjust the fan speed according to the internal temperature of the machine.
(4) Equipped with high-temperature automatic power-off protection function. When the internal temperature of the machine is abnormally high and exceeds the normal working range, the control system will monitor the display.
The main components such as the display screen are protected from power failure, while the fan continues to run at full speed to dissipate heat, fully protecting the display screen and main components

It is a domestic professional-powered enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It mainly produces high-end outdoor LCD advertising players.
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