Using Window-facing Outdoor Advertising Display Effectively in a COVID-19 Environment

10月 16, 2020 未分类

From retailers to restaurants, almost all businesses have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another. In today’s rapidly changing environment, as merchants hope to establish contact with customers in a novel, dynamic and more meaningful way, the display cases of outdoor highlight screens have become very clear.

When some customers have not set foot in your store, they can get some useful information through the window-like advertising screen, and they can understand the situation in the store, understand which products are on sale, or products that are on discount. These have brought many convenient spaces to customers. It is even said that customers do not need to enter your store to learn all the information about your store, which can promote your store and guide customers to enter your store.

In today’s situation, social distancing has become a growing trend. In many places, this is required. Retailers may limit how many customers are allowed to enter the store location at a given time to prevent overcrowding. Customers may have to wait in line to enter the store to find that the items they are buying are sold out.

Terminal specializes in researching and developing outdoor high-brightness screens for nearly ten years. It can display very clearly outdoors, and has different styles to support different markets. Customers can choose their own customized products with high freedom.



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