Saudi Arabia Gas Station Project Case

10月 16, 2020 未分类

Upgrading of Saudi Arabia gas stations!
Saudi Arabia customers asked us to build traditional advertising light boxes. Under our strong suggestion, the Arab customers finally accepted our suggestion, broke the traditional inherent thinking, and transformed the traditional advertising light boxes into LCD advertising screens, which greatly improved the advertising of gas stations. Efficiency, no need to change the advertising cloth manually, and the brightness is brighter than the traditional advertising light box, and it saves electricity.
Greatly improve the work efficiency of personnel, only need to transmit the advertisement information through the network technology, so that the frequency of the gas station advertisement replacement is more efficient and the utilization rate is higher. The brightness is also brighter than before, greatly reducing work and reducing advertising costs.
LCD is more suitable for outdoor instead of traditional advertising light box, Terminal welcomes everyone to order, we will do our best to serve you!



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