French Shopping Malls Fully Adopt Outdoor Highlight Screens and Indoor LCD Advertising Screens

10月 16, 2020 未分类

After a comprehensive upgrade, a French shopping mall adopts LCD high-brightness screens, window LCD advertising machines indoors, and LCD high-bright screens outdoors to ensure the integrity of the display effect. Many customers often get lost when they first arrive at the mall. After multiple LCD display screens are installed in a shopping mall, the ways and opportunities for customers to obtain information can be increased, making it easier for customers to understand the structure of the shopping mall and publicity in more directions.

Using LCD outdoor bright screen on the outdoor wall not only guarantees the display quality, but also enables customers to learn about all kinds of information about your shopping mall and display different advertisements before they set foot in your store.
Terminal will provide you with various styles of outdoor and indoor LCD advertising machines to suit your various usage scenarios. You can also customize your own style and size.



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